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Import and export XER files with confidence

Eliminate manual purging of sensitive or unwanted data from Primavera XER files, saving your organisation time and money.


The Primavera XER file is the defacto standard for exchanging data between P6 systems, but does not allow you to control the data elements contained in the file. This means that in many cases importing data from other organisations brings in unwanted calendars, codes and user fields, while exported files can contain commercially sensitive data.

Up to now the only solution has been to import the XER file into a staging database and manually remove the unwanted data, before generating the desired "clean" version. This is tedious, time consuming and error prone.

XENA XER is a tool specifically designed to eliminate this problem. By means of templates that you can define for each data transfer operation, you can specify which data elements to remove from an XER file, or how the values within them should be remapped to other values.

Watch a video demonstration of XENA XER in action. (Opens in a new window)

Screenshot: XENA XER

Supported operations include: