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Visibility of licence usage and configuration changes

Ensure licence compliance and monitor database changes with XENA Administrator's toolset.

XENA Administrator

XENA Administrator is a collection of tools that enable Primavera Administrators to provide rapid answers to commonly asked questions, such as:

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Screenshot: XENA Administrator

XENA Administrator is built around several modules:


Allows you to record your approved Enterprise Configuration and monitor any changes to these P6 structures. Monitors Resources, Codes, Calendars, User Defined Fields, Notebook Topics, and Project Preferences. It is also possible to restrict XER import of anything that is not part of your Enterprise Configuration. The Controller module contains a toolbox of utilities to support the Primavera Administrator's configuration amanagement activities:


Ensuring that your organisation remains within the terms of its Primavera licence can be tricky, especially with users in different departments spread over multiple sites. XENA Administrator's user and licence tracking functions create reports and graphics that allow to you ensure that you don't exceed the total permitted, and can identify situations where licences can be reassigned between departments.

Typical operaions that that can be performed within the Users module include:

Auditor and Investigator

Built on top of the low level audit functions within the Primavera database, these tools work together to find problems in your Enterprise Configuration. The Auditor performs a periodic review of the configuration defined in the Controller. When any monitored business object is changed - for example when a Code Type is renamed or an unauthorised Code Value added - the Auditor will alert you. The Investigator module can then be used to search for and display details of the changes made, when they were made and by whom.