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Streamlined Primavera Integration

Cost-effective and rapidly deployable solutions to your data exchange challenges

What is Legare?

Every organisation wants an "Integrated Project Plan" and to make use of all the power and capabilities of Oracle's Primavera P6.

The problem is getting the right data from these systems into P6 from established business systems and sources and the many technology delivery types - such as ERP, XER, Oracle, Access, Microsoft Project and Excel. Armies of planners spend their time cutting and pasting data to "feed the beast" instead of planning and maximizing use of the tools. Legare was designed specifically to streamline this process and ensure that data transfers are repeatable, controlled and stress free.

Project Controls Directors and Managers get the benefit of having cleaner data in Primavera, whilst day-to-day planners are empowered to spend their time working on planning.

Legare is now being used by the world's largest International Consultancies, Oil & Gas firms, Utilities, Government Organisations, Transportation, and Construction companies. Contact us today to see how Legare can make your planning team more productive and improve data quality!